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There's a lot of bad advice about App Entrepreneurship.  The early years of the App Store rewarded strategies that thrived in an era where Demand outstripped Supply.  

That era is nearly over.  The App Store doesn't need more apps -- it needs better Apps that know what customers they're serving and how they can best serve those customers.

To create better apps, we don't need to recklessly pour our time into making "beautiful apps".

What we need more of is better process -- processes and systems that protect us against wasting money and time and maximizes an app's chance for reaching success.   

Why trust Tapsmith?

TapSmith is run by me, Rob Caraway.  I've:

  • Built GifShare, GifLab, GifLab+ and Grump -- a series of apps that have achieved over 1 Million downloads and acquired.
  • Written a longform post on my app entrepreneur journey that went mini-viral and GifShare was featured on IndieHackers
  • Built Moat's mobile app and strategy, who was recently acquired by Oracle.  
  • Been featured on The App Guy Podcast, one of the most popular podcasts in the app space.
  • Won a hackathon with an app that was later featured on Fox Business.

Here's my full portfolio.

Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you when I can.

I currently have space for only 2 more clients.

with Rob Caraway

What TapSmith Does:

Roadmapping & Reports: Save thousands of dollars by leveraging our experience. Get detailed reports that will help you take the right actions at the right time: reports can help you validate & clarify your ideas, make the right improvements to your apps, help you grow your traffic, and more.

App Growth Marketing: should you even build an app?  And if so, how can you attract the right users to your app? We'll work closely to help you capture traffic and convert them into users.

App Development: You don't just "need an app".  You need to leverage the mobile space to bring in more money for your business.  We use disciplined processes that help you achieve real results.

Consulting Calls:  One or two hours on the phone can help you make way better decisions when approaching making your app that will save you countless hours figuring out yourself. 

"Rob’s determination to systematically try different approaches until he found the right path is inspiring, informative, and definitely worth emulating!", Charlyn Keating, Founder, Appreneur Summit

"Intelligent, insightful, and most important of all thorough. You can be confident that any task he starts will be a resounding success", Gant Laborde – Chief Technology Strategist of Infinite Red

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