Let's talk about your biggest mobile problems.

Do you worry about how much revenue and growth your missing out because you haven't adopted mobile: the most widely used technology in the world?  

It could be that you simply have no idea how to approach making an app. Maybe you're scared an app will be a wasted expense.  Or maybe you've got no idea how to grow business with a strong mobile strategy.

Tapsmith is a one man iPhone app shop that uses a smart, conversion driven process to unlock new revenue for your business.   

We help clients: 

  • Find out if an app is worth building before ever creating it
  • Build a v1.0 will minimize risk and produce results
  • Develop a fast-moving, results driven mobile strategy
  • Improve their already existing mobile app & strategy.  

TapSmith is run by Rob Caraway, a mobile developer & web marketer who used this unique skillset combo to build an app portfolio that at its peak averaged 1,600 downloads daily by leveraging conversions created from web traffic and a results driven mobile process.  

Later, he found this skillset fit with helping others transition to mobile when he built and managed the release of Moat's mobile app -- the most powerful ad search engine in the world.

Unlock your mobile revenue potential.

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